Window Cleaning: Commercial

The Best Services crew's TOP PRIORITY
is taking protective care of your property
while giving the windows a quality cleaning.

We also offer "High Reach" de-ionized cleaning

High window washer water-fed pole is best for commercial jobs and has hollow carbon fiber construction. The telescoping sections gives the crew the capacity to channel water four stories high. Water is provided by an outside faucet on the building being serviced by way of a standard garden hose to the de-ionizing tanks. Once through the tanks it flows through small diameter line which takes it to a soft brush at the top of the pole. Window is sprayed wet, then gently scrubbed, brushing off dirt and soft stains and then given a rinse.

1. Runs first through a filter, then
    de-ionizing tanks.
2. Spot causing minerals are
3. Washes off normal air-borne
    dirt and soft stains. (i.e. bird droppings)
4. Dries rapidly leaving no spots.
    Only clean windows! 

Ladders are set with care. We are mindful of plants, shrubs and ornaments. Desks, electronics and furnishings are protected from moisture and debris with clean heavy-cotton drop cloths. Sills and edges are left dry. Any spills are quickly dried. We do our Best to keep our vehicles and equipment out of the way but please realize for some situations we do need some space to safely unload and reload ladders and other equipment. You may rest assured that we are insured.

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